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I'm Jess, and I help women feel confident and powerful at work.

With a JD from Columbia University and over 8 years of corporate strategy experience at the world's top organizations, I'm deeply familiar with the challenges that come with climbing the professional ladder as a woman.

As a quirky, introverted female - I started my professional journey as a total wallflower. I was insecure about my capabilities and terrified to use my voice at work.

It took me years to develop an authentic, powerful voice that enabled me to excel professionally. Now, I help other women do the same thing.

You don't have to contort, hide, or destroy your true self in order to become a powerful force in the professional world. And most importantly - no matter how much you are struggling, your potential to feel confident and strong is limitless.

I do not believe that you have a problem with your voice. I believe the real problem is that you've never had a safe space to cultivate your voice in the first place. If you're willing to take a bet on yourself and find out what you're truly capable of - I would be honored to be your guide.



My clients are ambitious women who want to excel professionally, but don't feel fully comfortable in the spotlight. They are ready to change old habits and tackle lingering fears so they can develop a communication style that feels powerful yet authentic.

If you're ready to strengthen your voice and develop greater self-confidence, I invite you to check out my private 1:1 coaching program.



If you are looking for an experience that is part empowerment, part professional development, and part speaking and workshops are unlike anything else out there.

Through my podcast, I've mastered the art of captivating and inspiring professional women....and now, I can help you bring the magic of the show straight to your team.

When I started working with Jess I felt lost.  I had just moved to a new job that had a ton of potential for me to move up in the company. I knew that was what I wanted, but I also felt like an imposter since I didn't know how to best show up and be a strong voice in a large company. 

After working with Jess, I am experiencing these areas so much differently than when I first started!! One of the things I realized through working with Jess was how many of my perceived issues were in my head. My mindset has been the biggest shift, and I can't thank you enough for that!

Kendal Kloiber, B2B Marketing Professional

I believe in the limitless potential of women

And I write about it every week.

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