Corporate Coaching & Speaking

Professional development experiences designed to elevate the high potential women in your organization

The Executive Presence Experience

Executive presence is a complex topic that many companies don't quite get right. Today's female employees want to build executive presence from a place of confidence and authenticity - yet the guidance that women receive is often surface-level and generic.

The Executive Presence Experience is a transformational 3 month group experience that gives women the tools they need to command a room from a place of truth and authenticity. Time to let go of outdated, hypermasculine communication "rules" and redefine what it means to speak up powerfully as a female leader.

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The Leadership Incubator

The Leadership Incubator is a transformational leadership development program for high-potential women who are transitioning into or being considered for executive & leadership roles. It is designed to help high-potential women cultivate readiness for roles that will expand their scope of leadership and visibility.

Due to the in-depth nature of this program, it is offered as a private 1:1 program or in small cohorts (up to 6 women). It runs for 12 months.

The Art of Speaking Up Experience

Workshops and speaking engagements are a dime a dozen, but memorable ones are actually quite rare.

Through my work as the host and creator of the chart-topping Art of Speaking Up podcast, I've mastered the art of captivating and inspiring professional women. And now, you can bring the magic of the podcast straight to your employees through a live podcast experience that is unlike anything else out there.

You'll enjoy an immersive and inspirational "recording session" where your employees will experience a soul-nurturing conversation, AND will receive an exclusive, bespoke podcast episode after the event. This engagement can be structured as a one-time event or a recurring series that combines speaking and interactive workshops.

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