Your potential is limitless.

Even if you are struggling.

Even if you doubt yourself.

Even if you experience impostor syndrome, shyness, or debilitating stage fright.

If you find yourself feeling intimidated during meetings, getting stuck in rumination, or questioning whether you have what it takes to make a strong impression at work - you are not alone.

I've been where you are, and I know how stressful it can be -- but I also know that change is possible. My work is designed to help you develop a confident, authoritative voice so that you can

  • Enter into any meeting room with confidence & certainty
  • Share your work without hesitation & fear
  • Cultivate an executive presence that gets you noticed, and
  • Feel prepared for that next level up in your career.

And best of all -- I help you do this in a way that is 100% authentic to you.

My coaching program is designed to help you feel strong & confident no matter what your struggle is.

I've experienced some pretty massive obstacles - anxiety, stage fright, intense doubt, and so much self-judgment along the way.

Because of my experience, I know exactly how to walk the fine line of helping you grow at a pace that is sustainable and not overwhelming.

When we work together, I make things bite-sized and doable. Even when it's time to go outside your comfort zone - I will guide you through that process so that it feels motivating and empowering.

Through our work together, you'll break the patterns that are keeping you stuck so you can make a lasting impression at work.

We'll focus on the areas that matter to you most - for most of my clients, this includes:

  • Feeling confident in meetings
  • Cultivating AUTHENTIC executive presence (p.s. - you don't need to be the loudest most extraverted person in the room to make a strong impression)
  • Feeling competent and confident in your role; tackling impostor syndrome once and for all
  • Cultivating readiness for larger leadership & executive roles
  • Making big career or role transitions
  • Managing fear and overwhelm
  • Managing the stressors & demands of a new company or leadership position

Because you'll be coached by me 1:1, our work together will be fully customized to meet your exact needs.

Ready to take the leap?

Your private coaching engagement includes:

  • 5 months of 1:1 support. 15 50-minute sessions, spread across 5 months.
  • Unlimited support via text. Text me anytime between sessions for coaching and support.
  • "How to get the most out of coaching" training. Before we get started, I'll share with you everything you need to know to get the most out of your coaching engagement.
  • Leadership Assessment Tool. My proprietary assessment tool. It will give you an in-depth look at your biggest strengths and mindset challenges at work. This has been a gamechanger for clients who had never before seen a full picture of their talents and gifts.

Coaching is by application and costs $1995 for a 5 month engagement

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Is coaching right for you?

Coaching is a strong fit for those who are ready for change. You don't have to have it all figured out (that's what I'm here to help you with), but you do have to be committed to trying out new ways of thinking and being.

Many of my clients feel a little bit intimidated at first. If this is you, please know that I have no judgment about you and what you're going through because there's a very good chance I've been through it, too.

Coaching is a safe space where you get to work through your challenges in a way that is judgment-free.

Client love...

Before working with Jessica, I was stuck in a place of dissatisfaction, and nothing I did could make me happy. I was constantly trying to be a "perfectionist," and even though things were going well, I would always manage to find something not so positive to pick on and dwell over. 

I also found it challenging to speak up in front of senior management and deal with aggressive people at work. 

I noticed positive changes immediately after our first session. By the end of the first month, I was more self-aware of my thoughts and was able to reframe my thinking. Over the next 2-3 months, I became less self-critical and developed more self-love and compassion. As a result, I am much more content with my life now. 

Jessica also provided guidance on how I can be more confident and assertive in front of senior colleagues and difficult people. Thanks to Jessica, I made drastic improvements in my communication skills which has been beneficial to both my work and personal life. 

I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Jessica if her work is a match for you. She's kind, non-judgmental, and truly empathizes with her clients. I believe she would be a great fit for any woman who wants to take their career, business and life to the next level!

— Christina C., Finance Industry Professional

When I started working with Jess I felt lost.  I had just moved to a new job that had a ton of potential for me to move up in the company. I knew that was what I wanted, but I also felt like an imposter since I didn't know how to best show up and be a strong voice in a large company. 

After working with Jess, I am experiencing these areas so much differently than when I first started!! One of the things I realized through working with Jess was how many of my perceived issues were in my head. My mindset has been the biggest shift, and I can't thank you enough for that!

Kendal Kloiber, B2B Marketing Professional


What is the time committment for this program like?

You will have to find 1 hour per week that you can carve out for our weekly meeting time.

What happens after I apply?

I'll review your information, and you'll hear back from me within 48 hours. If you're a good fit for the program, you'll have the opportunity to do a free no-pressure discovery call where we'll meet via Zoom to make sure the program is a fit for you.

Is there a way to work with you if I can't afford this right now?

Yes - I have designated sliding scale spots for those who may not otherwise be able to access this program. These spots are available on a rolling basis, by application and are allocated based on need and fit with the program. To apply for a sliding scale spot, please be sure to use this link.

I want to get coached by you, but on a different topic. Can we work together?

Absolutely! If you're wanting to work together on things outside your professional life, you can still go ahead and apply and share your specific goals in the application, so we can both make sure it's a fit.