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Release impostor syndrome, grow your confidence, and amplify your impact as a leader.

Get excited...the Art of Speaking Up Leadership Lab is launching in 2024.

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The professional success you desire is right at your fingertips.

You might think that crushing it in your role and elevating into bigger roles is a far-away goal…

...but what if that wasn’t true?

What if becoming a confident, trailblazing female leader is way more achievable than you think it is?  

What if you don’t need to develop a zillion more skills to drive big impact as a leader?

Most women (especially ambitious, Type-A women) severely underestimate their own capabilities.

There’s a really good chance you’re doing this, too.

If you're ready to stop underestimating yourself so you can have a much bigger impact in your career, The Leadership Lab was designed for women like you.

Making a big splash as a leader does not require you to drastically overhaul your resume and skillset.

You don't need to change your personality..

...or get another degree

...or work more hours

...or learn a bunch of new & unfamiliar skills...

in order to THRIVE as a leader.

None of these things are required, and in fact...trying to do these things usually slows you down.

There's a better way.

You need to let GO of the perfectionist standard you're holding yourself to, and focus on what'll actually move the needle for you professionally:

  • OWNING your gifts and talents (instead of endlessly criticizing yourself)
  • Taking risks & trusting your intuition as a leader (instead of second-guessing yourself constantly)
  • Proactively building relationships with leaders (instead of hiding and playing small)

If you want to thrive as a leader in Corporate America, you have to release the impulse to build a zillion new skills, and focus on building the single most important skill:

The skill of believing in yourself.

Imagine this:

  • Instead of feeling inadequate, you feel like an unstoppable, un-mess-withable force within your company
  • Your reputation as a wildly savvy and highly authentic female leader just keeps growing and spreading across your company
  • You're stepping into bigger projects, promotions, and opportunities feeling confident in your ability to handle higher-impact, higher-visibility work
  • You feel certain about your ability to reach for, and thrive in, an executive leadership role

If these are the outcomes you dream about, The Leadership Lab was designed for you.

The Leadership Lab is for women who are ready to play big.

This program is for you if:

  • You know you need to show up bigger to succeed in (or land) that stretch role
  • You want your performance at work to be best-in-class so you’re on the fast track to executive leadership
  • You know deep down you’re capable of thriving as a leader, but for some reason you can’t seem to rise above the self-doubt and second guessing
  • You want to develop unshakeable trust in your leadership instincts so you can execute more powerfully and proactively in your role
  • You want to stop hiding from leaders in your organization and start building the relationships that’ll help you execute better (and elevate faster)

The Leadership Lab is a small, intimate group coaching program that'll take you through 3 strategic phases of professional development, each designed to grow your confidence & capabilities as a leader:



In this phase, you'll master the most important leadership skill of all: BELIEF in yourself and what you can accomplish.

You will:

  • Debunk the belief that you have to be PERFECT to make a serious impact as a leader
  • Do an in-depth analysis on your strengths, so you're brimming with confidence day to day
  • Learn to thrive and create BIG impact without needing more degrees, more skills, and more knowledge


In this phase, you'll:

  • Shift from an individual contributor to a CEO/executive mindset
  • Learn to set vision & direction for your work rather than relying on outside input
  • Develop unshakeable self-trust in your decision-making and problem solving


In this phase, you'll:

  • Step into the spotlight & build lasting relationships with key leaders, executives, and sponsors
  • Learn to push back (gracefully) and manage conflicting stakeholder needs without compromising results

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Meet your instructor, Jess

I'm Jess - New York Times featured podcaster, prior corporate executive, and present day leadership coach.

I've built a thriving corporate career at some of the world's most prestigious organizations, like McKinsey & Disney. I've also helped over 100 women build confidence and thrive in their roles through my coaching practice.

Between my success in the corporate space and my depth as a coach...I'm the real deal. I know how to help you thrive, and when you coach with me, you'll feel what it's like to have someone believe in you so fiercely that finally start to believe in YOURSELF.

Program logistics

Program length: 6 months

Program format: Live weekly instruction led by Jess

Group size: 6 women maximum

Availability: Next cohort begins Fall 2024



The Art of Speaking Up Leadership Lab is launching in 2024.

Spots will be limited. Add yourself to the waitlist to get first dibs on upcoming enrollment opportunities.