The Art of

Speaking Up


Build confidence, elevate your verbal communication, and become a thought leader in the room.

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Your voice is your most important professional asset.

When you start your career, working hard is how you get ahead.  You can lay low in meetings, do solid work, and still manage to overdeliver in your job.     

But there comes a point where you can’t continue to grow just by working the hardest.   

As you rise into middle management and beyond, having a confident, assertive voice matters way more than your willingness to work the hardest. 

A strong voice and rock-solid communication skills are how you show your boss you can handle the big projects and promotions. 

Your voice is your key to transitioning from hard-working employee, to powerful leader.

This thought can be anxiety inducing if you identify as being quiet, introverted, or shy.

It’s easy to convince yourself that maybe you don’t want to grow or get promoted, because that would mean bigger meetings and more pressure to speak and sound like a leader.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling torn between your ambition to rise, and your struggles with speaking confidently, here’s what I want you to know:

Learning to speak like someone who knows what they're talking about is 100% possible for you...

...even if you doubt yourself or struggle to feel confident.

No matter your starting point, you are fully capable of finding a voice that exudes confidence and helps you create big impact in the work you do.

The Art of Speaking Up Academy will help you develop a confident, assertive voice that propels your career (and your life) forward.

If you're ready to find an authentic voice that fuels a thriving, upwardly mobile career - you've come to the right place.

Prior cohorts of The Art of Speaking Up Academy have sold out quickly. Join the waitlist so you're first to find out when the next cohort opens.

Becoming a strong voice in the room is possible for you, even if you find yourself:

  • Struggling to articulate your ideas effectively
  • Ruminating after meetings & interactions, worrying that you did it wrong or sounded awkward
  • Comparing yourself to your boss and colleagues and feeling like you're not as good
  • Struggling to assert yourself and worrying about stepping on people's toes
  • Getting the same repeated feedback that you need to speak up and stand out more

These struggles can be incredibly frustrating - but they don't mean you're an innately poor communicator.

Learning to communicate powerfully and effectively is a skill just like any other. At the beginning, it feels hard, but with practice - even someone who's shy or introverted can shine. Inside The Art of Speaking Up Academy, you'll learn a plethora of mindset & communication tools to help you exude confidence, authority, & leadership when you speak.

Inside The Art of Speaking Up Academy, you'll follow my signature process designed to help you:

  • Deepen your self-confidence so you have the courage to speak up more frequently
  • Exude confidence when you speak (even if you don't have all the answers)
  • Articulate your ideas clearly and succinctly
  • Get better at speaking off-the-cuff
  • Know how to contribute in rooms even when you lack expertise (so you're seizing key opportunities to stand out!)
  • Assert yourself in a way that's authentic WHILE also commanding respect

The Art of Speaking Up Academy is for you if you're ready to bridge the gap between the voice you have today, and the voice you need to fuel a highly satisfying, upwardly mobile career.

Prior cohorts of The Art of Speaking Up Academy have sold out quickly. Join the waitlist so you're first to find out when the next cohort opens.

The Art of Speaking Up Academy will teach you powerful tools to help you make a strong impression when you speak...

...while helping you ignite that spark of belief inside you that knows you're capable of so much more.

Inside the program, I'll guide you through a 4-part curriculum that'll help you feel more confident on the inside, and sound more confident on the outside:


Replace self-criticism with BELIEF in yourself so you can start taking bold action and using your voice more frequently


Learn to speak off-the-cuff and exude confidence, authority, & executive presence when you speak


Learn the foundations of crisp, compelling executive communication so you sound like a leader when you speak


Stop letting the fear of stepping on peoples' toes hold you back. Become a thought leader by asserting yourself and navigating disagreement & difficult conversations with leadership & certainty.

The community and connectedness you'll experience is quite possibly the best element of this program.

From the moment you enroll into The Art of Speaking Up Academy, you’re no longer alone. 

Each week you'll be surrounded by ambitious, career-driven women who are letting nothing come between them and their professional dreams.

When you're with women who get you and believe in you, you grow faster. The shared goals and weekly accountability ignite that fire of motivation you need to show up BIG and take up space at work.

You'll leave your weekly cohort session with new tools, perspectives, and best of all:

that surge of motivation you feel when you lock into the belief that you're totally, 100% capable.

Prior cohorts of The Art of Speaking Up Academy have sold out quickly. Join the waitlist so you're first to find out when the next cohort opens.

What you get inside the the program:

  • The Art of Speaking Up Academy curriculum taught LIVE by Jess

You and your cohort will meet weekly to learn The Art of Speaking Up Curriculum. You'll do mindset exercises to help you grow you belief in yourself, AND learn the communication frameworks you need to lead meetings, communicate effectively, and navigate tricky conversational dynamics.

  • Online community

You'll stay motivated and inspired between sessions inside our private online Slack community. This is where you'll share your wins, get advice from your peers, and have a place to go whenever you're stuck on something or want encouragement / an outside perspective.

  • Personalized help from Jess

Have a big presentation or a conversation with your boss that you need help with? We'll have dedicated office hours style sessions so you can get my expert guidance on your most pressing questions.

You'll also get these brand new 2023 additions to the program:

  • The Official Art of Speaking Up Academy Private Podcast

Everything you need to know about the art of confident communication - right in your pocket. You'll have lifetime access to this exclusive feed of 30+ private episodes so you can tune in whenever you need a refresher, reminder, or a hit of inspiration.

  • The Official Art of Speaking Up Academy Workbook

This one's for the visual learners who learn best by seeing! You'll get 60+ pages of prompts, tools, and visuals to supplement the private podcast so you can learn visually if that's your jam.

  • A private coaching session with Jess

25 1:1 minutes with Jess to dive into the pressing challenges you're facing and leave you with personalized action steps to keep you moving forward and feeling inspired.

  • Bonus workshop: Persuasion and Influence

Persuasion skills will take your voice AND career to the next level. Whether it's a job interview, an ask for a promotion, or a project you need approval on - when you know how to influence to get a YES, your career trajectory accelerates. In this bonus workshop, I'll teach you how.

  • Some other surprises that you'll find out about when you begin!

I LOVE the element of surprise so can't share much more about this one but can't wait to reveal it to you ;-)

Tuition & Logistics

Tuition can be paid in full or in 6 installments:

Payment plan: 6 payments of $525

Pay in full: $2995

Winter 2024 Cohort:

Join the waitlist to be first to find out about dates and enrollment for the winter 2024 cohort!

Prior cohorts of The Art of Speaking Up Academy have sold out quickly. Join the waitlist so you're first to find out when the next cohort opens.

Your voice is your express pass to a satisfying, lucrative career.

Strong communication skills are a non-negotiable if you want to thrive and succeed in a corporate setting. 

A strong voice means the ability to:

  • Stand out as a thought leader
  • Take on more complex projects
  • Impress leadership at your company

Over time, this translates to stronger performance reviews and faster upward mobility.

For the right person, the investment in The Art of Speaking Up Academy will pay off for years to come in the form of faster promotions, higher quality roles, and deeper job satisfaction.

Your voice is your ticket to the professional big leagues and I'm determined to help get you there.

Here's what past participants have shared about the program:

One of the biggest reasons I joined the program was because I was sick of holding myself back in my career.

I wanted to become a more confident communicator - someone that could explain things simply, yet effectively. I also wanted to stop second guessing myself and to be more confident of the work I was presenting.

I’m so happy to have made the investment in myself for not one but two rounds of the program. I’m proud of my accomplishments and how much I've grown in the last year:

  • I no longer second guess myself
  • I’m not afraid to advocate for myself and what I need in my professional and personal life
  • I’m more kind and patient with myself
  • I’m more comfortable with being uncomfortable and trying new things
  • I celebrate all wins no matter how small or big

Shoutout to the wonderful Jessica Guzik and the academy that she runs. I’m so thankful our paths crossed and for her help on my career journey. ❤️

— Anonymous participant, January 2022 Cohort

This program exceeded my expectations in terms of learnings and experience.

I have grown a lot during the last 6 months and hearing from & sharing among similar minded women has been just amazing.

Thank you Jess for all the hard work, professionalism and dedication given during this program. I will remember this for a very very long time!

— Anonymous participant, July 2022 Cohort

I was pleasantly surprised at how the program tapped into the psyche and made an impact to one's confidence.

You opened up everyone's ability to open our minds from an "I can't and I am less than" thinking, to an "I can and I believe in myself" attitude.

Jess Guzik, your podcast/Art of Speaking up program change lives! Thank you and I feel lucky to be a part of your program.

— Anonymous participant, January 2022 Cohort

The tools I teach inside The Academy are ones you won't find anywhere else.

I combine my expertise in executive communication with my knowledge in mindset, psychology and improv theater to help you develop a voice that's as authentic as it is powerful.

BTW - Hi there - I’m Jess!

I've accomplished some pretty epic things in my career

  • Got a JD from Columbia, with honors
  • Worked at major global companies like McKinsey and Disney
  • Became a corporate executive at age 32
  • Was featured in the New York Times in January of 2023
  • Have performed improv in front of live audiences at Los Angeles's flagship UCB Improv theater

I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in fear, self-doubt, and shyness because I spent the first several years of my career hiding and performing way below my full potential.

Through years of inner work, professional successes (and failures), and time spent cultivating my voice as a podcast host and theater performer, I transformed from the inside out, rebuilding my self-confidence and finding a confident voice that feels like ME. 

My inner growth massively accelerated my advancement in the 9-5 space (and quite frankly, changed my life).

Now I’m a full-time coach dedicated to helping other women find their voice at work. 

It would be my honor to support you in finding a voice that makes you feel on FIRE and empowers you to bring your unique genius to the surface at work. 

The Art of Speaking Up Academy is designed to be a nonjudgmental space where you can come as you are.

If you feel scared you'll be the only one who is struggling with insecurities and fears - you can take an exhale, because you'll be surrounded by women who are similar to you and who get it.

Inside this program, we consider it normal to experience fears, obstacles, and struggles (even the big, messy, overwhelming ones)

Once you're inside, you'll have tools and support so you can tackle those fears & obstacles.

This program is the place where you get to decide that your fears don't dictate the rest of your career.

If you're ready to rise above your doubts and prove to yourself that you're a capable, badass leader - then this space was designed for you.

Prior cohorts of The Art of Speaking Up Academy have sold out quickly. Join the waitlist so you're first to find out when the next cohort opens.


What time are the live sessions & what's the weekly time commitment?

Call times vary by cohort - check the "Tuition & Logistics" section above to see the latest information on call times.

Every week you'll be assigned 1-2 private podcast episodes to listen to in between sessions. The episodes average 10 minutes in length and you can listen on-the-go. There will occasionally be a short written assignment that goes with the podcast episodes, but I aim to keep the outside workload to a minimum.

How many women will be in the program?

I cap the group size at 10 women max, and past cohorts have had 8-10 women. It's a big enough group size so you feel energized and inspired, but also intimate enough that you're able to get personal guidance and attention from me.

Will I have to speak during the sessions?

You will never be called on or forced to contribute if you don't want to (that is NOT my coaching style....for me that's just...yuck.)

You get to approach the program in a way that feels comfortable to you. We have a "cameras off" policy:

If you're having an off day, you can turn your camera off and participate as an audience member.

BUT... ;-)

you might really surprise yourself and realize that you actually WANT to speak and interact during the sessions :) (that is a very common experience inside this program and it's one of my goals behind the program design. Speaking in our sessions will help you speak more freely at work.)

What if I miss a live session?

I recommend you attend every session you can, since that's where the bulk of your growth will happen. That said, if you do have to miss a session you'll have lots of support so you don't fall behind: you'll be able to listen to that week's topic on the private podcast (the private podcast covers the entire Academy curriculum), and you'll be able to ask questions and get caught up in our private Slack community.

I won't be recording the sessions because I've noticed that there's a certain magic and intimacy that's only present when we constrain to just the live experience. And I want you to experience that!

I REALLY want to join but I just can't make the call time work.

If this is the case, please send me an email at - I will take this into account when I open up future cohorts of the program. I would love for you to be able to join a future round!

I want to join but I'm unsure if this will be worth the cost.

I totally get it - making the leap to invest in a program like this can feel scary. What it really boils down to is getting into CEO energy and trusting yourself to make strong decisions that support the career and life that you want to create.

If participating in this program would compromise your financial stability, email me at to learn how you can apply for a sliding scale spot.

Will this program help me eliminate stage fright?

The Academy curriculum isn’t designed to eliminate stage fright – it’s designed to help you master the art of executive communication, and feel more confident about yourself.  For many of my clients, the tools they’ve learned had the side-effect of reducing their stage fright -- but if your primary goal is to eliminate stage fright, this program is probably not the best fit.  If you’re unsure, I encourage you to reach out to me at and I can help answer your questions.

Help! I can't decide if this is right for me.

I want you to make sure this program is a good fit for you before you make the decision to join, so please reach out to me at if you have questions. 

Because it’s a small cohort of women, I can’t offer refunds or cancellations once you sign up.  So hit me up with any concerns or questions you have and we’ll sort it out together. 

Prior cohorts of The Art of Speaking Up Academy have sold out quickly. Join the waitlist so you're first to find out when the next cohort opens.