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Enrollment for The Art of Speaking Up Academy is currently closed.

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Develop a voice that makes you feel like a badass AND opens up doors for you professionally.

Your voice is your most important professional asset.

When you start your career, working hard is how you get ahead.  You can lay low in meetings, do solid work, and still manage to overdeliver in your job.     

But there comes a point where you can’t continue to grow just by working the hardest.   

As you rise into middle management and beyond, having a confident & effective voice matters way more than your willingness to work the hardest. 

A strong voice and rock-solid communication skills are how you show your boss that you can handle the big projects and the promotions. 

Your voice is your key to transitioning from hard-working employee, to powerful leader.

This thought can be anxiety inducing if you identify as being quiet, introverted, or shy.

It’s easy to convince yourself that maybe you don’t want to grow or get promoted, because that would mean bigger meetings, more visibility, and even scarier situations.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling torn between your ambition to rise, and your struggles with speaking up, here’s what I want you to know:

Becoming a confident, powerful voice in the room is 100% learnable, even if you feel like you're the one person whose anxiety & self-doubt will keep you stuck forever.

I created The Art of Speaking Up Academy for ambitious women who are ready to finally have their voice be as strong as their work ethic so they can feel powerful in the meeting room and achieve the professional success that they desire.

Enrollment for The Art of Speaking Up Academy is currently closed.

To be the first to be notified when the next cohort enrolls, join the waitlist below.

Inside the program, I’ll take you through my signature process designed to help you:

  • Become the woman who knows exactly how to articulate her ideas meetings -- no more staying quiet because you're not sure how to effectively express yourself
  • Learn how to pull yourself out of the downward spiral of self-doubt so you can enter into meetings feeling confident and in control
  • Make a powerful impression on your boss and higher-ups 
  • Stop letting fear & awkwardness interfere with your career - find YOUR authentic voice as a leader so you can have big impact and get recognized at work

Enrollment for The Art of Speaking Up Academy is currently closed.

To be the first to be notified when the next cohort enrolls, join the waitlist below.

Building a confident voice is NOT just for the lucky ones, the special snowflakes, the women who possess some skill or secret that you lack. 

Your confidence & voice are like muscles – whether you’re genetically gifted or not, proper exercise WILL help them grow stronger.   

And as that happens, an entire world of professional success opens up to you. 

You’ll find yourself enjoying work more, feeling less anxious, and delivering much higher quality work.  Your entire quality of life will improve when the rooms you’re in stop feeling so intimidating & scary.

From the moment you enroll into The Art of Speaking Up Academy, you’re no longer alone. 

Through my guidance combined with the sisterhood of an intimate group of women who have the same goals as you, you will embark on a career-defining journey of becoming the bold, audacious woman who LOVES using her voice and who impresses & captivates her coworkers.

Inside the Academy you’ll spend 6 months learning the comprehensive toolkit for communicating like a leader and exuding power in a room.

We’ll work through 6 modules, each one building upon the next:

Each session will give you the option to participate, practice, and speak.  However, you will never, ever be pressured, forced, or judged.  You will ALWAYS be able to go at the pace that feels right for you.

Download the full program curriculum

Inside The Art of Speaking Up Academy, you’ll master the core communication skills that are required to succeed in a corporate setting. 

Our calls will combine core teachings, individual coaching, and practice in a highly encouraging, nonjudgmental space

(I loathe perfectionism and will encourage you to show up just as you are. Frizzy hair? PJ's? Cat wants to crash the Zoom? Love it.)

By the end of the program, you’ll have skills that will stay with you for the rest of your career, and friendships that will endure far beyond the 6 months we’ll spend together.

Enrollment for The Art of Speaking Up Academy is currently closed.

To be the first to be notified when the next cohort enrolls, join the waitlist below.

Tuition & details

The Art of Speaking Up Academy is a 6 month program (download the full curriculum here). 

Your enrollment includes: 

  • 6 months of professional development training and coaching (18 sessions in total lasting 60-75 minutes each)
  • A private online community where you’ll be able to connect with the women in your cohort
  • Personalized coaching and feedback from Jess throughout the program
  • Additional goodies and surprises, which will be revealed once you’re inside the program (I love a good surprise ;-))


$1995 pay in full

Or 6 monthly payments of $349

Enrollment for The Art of Speaking Up Academy is currently closed.

To be the first to be notified when the next cohort enrolls, join the waitlist below.

About Jess

Hi there - I’m Jess. 

I've accomplished some pretty big things in my career - I have a JD from Columbia, corporate strategy experience at companies like McKinsey and Disney, and I became a corporate executive at age 32.

I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in fear, self-doubt, and shyness because I spent the first several years of my career trying to get noticed as little as possible and performing way below my full potential.

Through years of inner work, professional successes (and failures), and time spent cultivating my voice as a podcast host and theater performer, I transformed from the inside out, rebuilding my self-confidence, and finding a confident voice that finally feels like ME. 

My inner growth massively accelerated my advancement in the 9-5 space (and quite frankly, changed my life).

Now I’m a full-time coach dedicated to helping other women experience their own transformation.  I combine my expertise in executive communication & leadership with my knowledge in mindset, psychology and theater to help women become powerful effin’ badasses in the workplace. 

It would be my honor to support you in finding a voice that makes you feel on FIRE and empowers you to bring your unique genius to the surface at work. 

When you learn how to command the meeting room, everything changes. 

Meetings will be part of your career for years and years to come. You have been in, and will be in, thousands of meetings throughout your career. 

What happens in these rooms is going to shape the future of your career.

Your willingness to master meetings today is going to impact what position you’re in 1, 5, and 10 years from now. 

Your voice and your communication skills are how you position yourself for the leadership roles that you deserve  - because in Corporate America you truly can’t work your way up, you have to speak your way up.

So much can change in 6 months.  Your commitment to your growth today could mean that 6 months from now, you’re 

  • No longer dreading the meetings on your calendar
  • Feeling like a badass at work
  • Getting your best performance reviews ever
  • Getting positive feedback from your boss and higher ups
  • Getting put on bigger & better projects
  • On the path to a promotion (or you’ve gotten one, as many of my clients have during their time working with me)

Enrollment for The Art of Speaking Up Academy is currently closed.

To be the first to be notified when the next cohort enrolls, join the waitlist below.


What time are the calls?

The current cohort that is enrolling will meet on Tuesdays at 5:15pm PST.  The sessions will be between 60-75 minutes long, depending on that week’s topic. 


How is this different from 1:1 coaching? 

This program has a structured curriculum and is more learning focused than 1:1 coaching.  It can be taken alongside 1:1 coaching because the curriculum is unique to this specific program. 

Group work offers different benefits than 1:1 work.  Whereas 1:1 has the benefit of being personalized, in a group, you’ll be surrounded by women who relate to your experience and are growing alongside you.  This will inspire you to reach for more as you watch the other women do the same all while cheering YOU on.  This community element will play a big role in your own growth and confidence building - because you’ll be a part of something even bigger than yourself. 


How many women will be in the program?

The program will be capped at 10 women max.

What if I miss a call?

In order to help all of the participants feel fully comfortable during our sessions, I won't be recording the calls. However, if you miss a call you'll have the private online community where you can reach out to your cohort to get a recap of any content you missed.

Help! I can't decide if this is right for me.

I want you to make sure this program is a good fit for you before you make the decision to join, so please reach out to me at if you’re feeling uncertain about the fit of the program.  I can walk through any questions you have and help you figure out if this is the right next step for you.  

Because it’s a small cohort of women, I can’t offer refunds or cancellations once you sign up.  So hit me up with any concerns or questions you have and we’ll sort it out together.