The Art of Speaking Up Workshop

Build confidence. Speak powerfully. Be 100% yourself.

Come join me for a very special workshop all about The Art of Speaking Up (it truly is an art, and I'll teach it to you).

During the workshop, you will learn:

  • How to build confidence in the meeting room, so you can share your genius and strengthen your professional reputation
  • How to manage nerves in meetings so you can focus on the discussion instead of ruminating on the worried thoughts inside your head
  • How to effectively communicate with bosses and executives so you can become known as a powerful leader in your organization

Meet your instructor, Jess!

Hi there - I'm Jess, and I have some fancy pantsy credentials to my name (Columbia Law School, McKinsey, The Walt Disney Company, and more). I'm a leadership coach for professional women and host of a top 100 career podcast, The Art of Speaking Up.

I'm a master of communication -- I spent my entire 9-5 career communicating with top level executives and winning over their support. But even more importantly, I have deep experience helping women navigate shyness, impostor syndrome, and nervousness so they can finally feel strong and powerful at work and in meetings.

It is my life's work to help women find their voices, and it would be my absolute honor to support you in this workshop.

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