I'm Jess.

I'm a lot of things: women's career coach, creator of The Art of Speaking Up podcast, corporate strategist, improv performer, artist, & writer.

I also have some cool and fancy accomplishments on my resume, but they are not what makes me a good coach. My skills as a coach come from things that are well-hidden from my resume:

  • All of the meetings I sat through, quiet as a mouse, worried that if I spoke up I'd sound silly or stupid
  • All of the presentations I gave with my shaky voice on display for all to see
  • All of the time I spent ruminating about how something must be wrong with me

Although these moments weren't fun, they taught me everything I know about confidence.

Through my own struggles, I've had to learn how to have my own back over and over and over again. I've had to learn how to be kind to myself, how to practice bravery, and how to move towards my goals and dreams even when I really, really wanted to give up.

Now, I focus on helping other women do the same thing.

My coaching approach combines mindset, executive leadership, and most important of all: self-acceptance.

I believe it's impossible to become a powerful leader if you can't first build the skill of being kind to yourself. It saddens me to know that professional women get so much career advice that mimics the voice of their internalized self-criticism, when the exact opposite is needed:

We need to be guiding women from a place of empathy, optimism and love.

That is why I do this work.

I am guided by my mission of helping women advance professionally in a way that feels GOOD.

Throughout my own corporate career, I got tired of the broken, outdated women's "empowerment" advice that was overly simplistic and often shaming. It made me feel awful at a time when I was searching for hope and inspiration.

I never found the hope and inspiration that I was looking for, so I decided to create it myself. In 2018, I launched The Art of Speaking Up podcast into the world. My goal was to normalize the internal struggles that so many women face at work, and most importantly, to show other women that there is no amount of struggle or imperfection that could ever possibly prevent them from becoming powerful leaders.

In fact, it's just the opposite.

Struggle and imperfection, when approached with care, gives us the exact training that we need to learn how to properly lead.

It is my goal to help women grow and develop in a way that honors their struggles and their authenticity, and continuously reminds them that even with their imperfections, their potential is limitless.

For me, there is nothing more powerful or important than this.

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